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Behroo Bagheri

The emphasis in Behroo Bagheri 's work is to produce a social narrative, which deals with her self-conscious feelings and frustrations as a woman. Her life has undergone some undeniable circumstances in the contemporary Middle East . She has suffered from the oppressive atmosphere of the fundamentalist society with its restrictive policies and discriminations. Behroo Bagheri has developed a style of painting, based on her studies on children's paintings aged from 2 to 8. She enjoys building a contrast between the troubling content of the painting and the innocent abstract images. Behroo Bagheri's works are mostly the voice of those in her generation who have been overturned by the Islamic Regime.

In 1998, Behroo Bagheri finished law school in Iran. Thereafter she decided to move to California . Behroo Bagheri decided that the paintbrush would be a more effective tool in exposing the exploitation, corruption and injustice that she found and experienced.

In February 2005, the fourth annual Iranian-American Scholarship was awarded to Behroo Bagheri . To Behroo Bagheri it was painful to observe her fatherland going down. To her art has been a double edge sword. It is a relief for her incorporations of the injustices and corruption she has witnessed, at the same time exploitation the emotions and experiences.

Behroo Bagheri 's work is more emblematic. One of her assembles is a painting of a game board that seems quite childish and nostalgic. Actually, she does have a lot of nostalgia for her youth and memories in her country. This innocence is contrasted by dark colors, blotches of black paint that represent the negative aspects of living in Iran, the injustice, gender issues, and conservatism. This complex game board weaves a social narrative of a generation that has been deprived of basic human rights. Behroo tries to express what it is like to be a woman living in deport.

Behroo Bagheri is famous for his contemporary acrylic painting artworks. Few names of her famous artworks are mention below:

  • Prayer,
  • The Doll Cages 1
  • The Doll Cages 2
  • The Doll Cages 3
  • The Monster Fish and the Flying
  • Home,
  • Tomorrow is another Day etc.

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