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Boris Baev

Painting has been an interesting action since times immemorial and artists are regarded as the creators of a beautiful fantasy world with the help of their paintings. Boris Baev is a professional with his own style, coloring and perception of the World. Boris Baev is a philosophical master, whose art helps us to be cleared spiritually.

He is a member of the International Federation of Artists , the Moscow Association of Artists and the International Arts Fund.

Boris Baev uses oil, water-colors and gouache as materials. He derives his inspiration from the surrounding nature of Moscow region. In his works the main pronunciation is made on the state of nature, in all its manifestations. The works of Boris Baev make us feel his emotional depth, his love to the Russian landscape and to the way of life of simple people. Boris Baev's canvas gives out positive energy. It purifies the soul, wakes up the sense of beauty.

Boris Baev's artistic works are landscape, still life and portrait . The subject-matter of his landscape cycle is very widespread. His works such as The Russian land, Vistas tend to generalization and call on the viewer to remember his parental roots.

In his still life cycle the painter proves his ability to broadcast the surrounding objects. Here again Boris Baev's special attention is given to the dimensions of life of simple people. Such as:

  • birch bark baskets,
  • samovars,
  • wine-bowls and baskets and so on.

His works a historian desk and a cell corner are very original. Apart from the painter's skills they are distinctive by their rich spiritual potential.

Few names of his famous oil paintings are mention below:

  • Summer Slash, 1999
  • Russian Land, 2002
  • Fence in autumn, 2000
  • Hoarfrost, 1997 etc.

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