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Calin Baban

Calin Gabriel Baban was born on 12th February 1976 in Falticeni, Romania. Calin Baban did graduation in 1994 from Art High School. He acquired graduate degree of Arts from the Arts University in 1999. Calin Baban also studied Aesthetics, philosophy, psychology; pedagogy and became master in fine arts, with “Aesthetique of Shape” theme.

Calin Baban was a talented artist all through his career he participated in various exhibitions like in 1993. He participated in Timisora group exhibition for young artists and won 3 rd prize, in 1993 he participated at Cluz and won 3 rd prize from there. In 1997 he participated in ‘Nicolae Tonitza' and won 3 rd prize. In this way he participated in various exhibitions and earned good reputation from those.

Though all works of Calin Baban are very famous but only few are discussed here. In the year 2006 Calin Baban created a painting of “Angels Hunting” it was an oil painting work done on a canvas 80 cm wide, 80 cm high and 5cm deep. The painting was wooden framed with an abstract figurative theme. It was sold in 800 US dollars. Calin Baban also created “ Ancient Song '' the oil based painting was 12 inches high and 16 inches wide it was priced 500.00 US dollars. “ God's Help ” was created on a canvas 31 inches high and 58 inches wide, it was an oil painting work. Calin Baban also created “ Angels Hunting ” on a canvas 31 inches high, 29 inches wide. The much acclaimed painting was priced 800.00 US dollars. Another themed painting was “NIHIL SINE REX” created on a 29 inches high and 39 inches wide canvas. The painting priced 900.00 US dollars.Calin Baban remained the member of Romanian Fine Arts Union.

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