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Clay Bodvin

Painting is an aesthetic form of art and a very powerful medium of self-expression and that is the reason why painters have used it since ages. Clay Bodvin is a modern day painter who not only does painting but also is involved with photo media. He is very much interested in translating ancient art forms into new modes of expression with new technologies. Clay Bodvin is a New Zealand based artist.

Clay Bodvin tries to create the fusion of old and new technologies. He is planning to work on actual inkjet images which are defined by edges of color, pattern, shape and texture. His style and content have consistently developed in the past few years with his research and investigation about new media.

He first chooses his subject matter from the interiors and daily life objects and makes scollages of those images and then makes the final painting. Thus although the initial work is done in the computer it does not always give rise to an inkjet printing. Clay Bodvin also uses the marouflage and overpainting process in which a work of art is first digitally printed and then subtle changes are made with acrylic, oil paints, wax pencils or oil sticks. He is greatly influenced by the Fauvists and Impressionists.

Clay Bodvin has participated in several exhibitions at various places in New Zealand. He has also won many awards and special recognitions from different organizations of Rome, US, California and New York. Some of the well-known mixed media works of Clay Bodvin include Serial Still Life I, Tulip Monolue, Orange Bowl, Redux III, Beach Ribbons, Four Pillars and The Folding Chair among others. Some of his famous paintings are Fruit of the Bloom, Blue Vase Cineraria and Raw Materials Still Life in Waiting No. 2. His works are kept as collections in New Zealand, United Kingdom, US, California, Canada, Washington and Utah. Clay Bodvin has also worked on commission for various organizations of New Zealand.

To gather further information about Clay Bodvin and his paintings visit our site Ethnic Paintings.

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