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Frank Diaz Escalet

Frank Diaz Escalet is a Puerto Rican artist born on 16th March 1930 in Ponce. Before coming into the arts scenario in New York he had served in the US Air Force. He has also done leather craft works.

Frank's style of painting is primitive and is based on impressionistic folk art . Wood, paper, metal, oil, acrylic, water colors and fabric are his choice of medium.

His works are classified into:

  • African American Series - Once There Was A Rail Road, Harlem Nights, Land Of Cotton, Promised Land, Workin De Gulf, Lord's Day, Brothers In Arms, Song & Dance Man
  • Hispanic Series - Musica Del Barrio, Cebolla, Dias De Christo, Navidad Ayer, La Cocina, Piraqua, Ghetto Drummer,Cinco En La Tarde
  • Bishop Romero Series - collection of paintings in honor of the moving and tragic story of Bishop Oscar Romero in El Salvador who was the victiom of political murder for his violent protest against the inhumanity on the El Salvador people

  • Inlaid Leather Paintings- Your Place or Mine , Skateboard, Crucifiction, Walk In Peace, Summer Of My Youth, Siesta, Painted Desert.
  • Wall Hangings- Search For Xanadu, Cana De Mi Tieerra, End Of An Age, Rain Forest Raped

He is a painter cum story-teller. His images are bright and they pulsate with colors. He wants to present "something people had never seen before." through the colors in canvas.

He is featured artist who is aired on public television. His works are exhibited in the National Gallery and the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. What makes him stand apart from the other Puerto Rican artists is that his art work is owned by celebrated and famous collectors like Ronald Reagan, explorer Jacques Cousteau, actor Danny Kaye , director John Houston. At several museums of Prague and Slovakia his works have found place in the form of permanent collections.

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