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Gunborg Backstrom

Gunborg Backstrom is a Swedish artist. Since last 84 years Gunborg Backstrom has been constantly painting and during these years paints and brushes were her sole companions. In all her paintings Gunborg Backstrom, took inspiration from nature and travels. The Fuerteventura was the chief source of inspiration in Gunborg Backstrom's life as she spent many years of her life in Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands in a Spanish village. Living in Fuerteventura, Gunborg Backstrom became immensely inspired from the oceans and beaches

Most of the paintings of Gunborg Backstrom reveal her real life inspirations which she took from ocean, beaches, sunsets and saltwaterwaves while living in Fuerteventura.her inspirations are reflected in her paintings where she has painted beautiful landscapes, breathtaking views of sunset and water waves. Gunborg Backstrom also took inspiration for her paintings from the place of her birth called Bergslagen northern portion of Sweden.

All through her life Gunborg Backstrom traveled a lot. Backstrom traveled from north to south of Sweden for collecting painting inspiration and reflecting perfect scenery on the canvas. She successfully transformed the natural beauty of Sweden on canvas. All the paintings of Gunborg Backstrom are very famous some are discussed as follows;

The Yellow Tulips: Gunborg Backstrom painted the yellow tulips in 2003; it was an acrylic painting work done on a canvas 46cm wide and 55 cm high, the depth of the painting was 3cm. in a wooden frame the painting was displayed. Gunborg Backstrom choose floral theme for the painting. The painting was a display of bunch of yellow tulips in a flower vase.

Turquoise Ocean: Gunborg Backstrom painted Turquoise Ocean in 2001, it was also an acrylic painting work done on a canvas 77cm wide, 75cm high and 3cm deep. The painting was also wooden framed and theme was same nature like many other paintings of Gunborg Backstrom. The painting was sold in 309 US dollars.

Autumn in Bergslagen: Autumn in Bergslagen was another natural painting by Gunborg Backstrom created in the year 2005. The painting was 75 cm wide, 54 cm high and 3 cm deep. It was an unframed work. And the theme was landscape. The painting priced 281 US dollars.

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