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Harry Bayley

Acrylic painting is done with a manmade polymer that is an especially popular medium of the mid-20 th century paintings. They are extremely fast-drying paints and are versatile. Harry Bayley is one of the modern painters who use this medium of painting. He presently lives in Glenrothes, United Kingdom

The paintings of Harry Bayley are very much about expressing colors in different ways. His paintings are abstract, contemporary and full of colorful expression because he firmly believes that when colors, whether bold or subtle are used in a painting, they can make all the difference. Harry Bayley's paintings are made in various styles and are a selection of traditional, contemporary and illustrated poems. Most of the traditional pictures are painted from photographs that he has taken and are quite detailed. The pictures are mainly of Scottish, Irish and local scenes. The contemporary paintings of Harry Bayley are mainly abstract and expressive with color. Some are bright while others are subtle which gives them a relaxing quality.

Harry Bayley has exhibited his work on three occasions, The Arbroath Art Society Exhibition and two exhibitions at the Arbroath Conference Centre.

Some of the renowned paintings of Harry Bayley are Neon Blue Purple Magenta Bleed, Silver Sweep, Color Bleed Neon Sweep, Red Blue White Color Bleed 2, Color Bleed Gold Silver Blue, Gold Bleed, Color Bleed Neon Blue Pink, Color Bleed Electric Blue, Color Bleed Silver Orange and Color Bleed Silver Green among others. He has also made many illustrations like Yellow Flower, Color Bleed 1, Girl with Shawl, Women with Basket and many others. Harry Bayley also works on commission. There is an online gallery where one can view and even buy his works.

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