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Isaac Brown

Oil painting is mainly done on pigmented surfaces with paints mixed along with various kinds of oils. This medium of painting has been used by many famous painters. Isaac Brown is one the well-known contemporary exponent of oil painting. He currently lives in New Jersey, United States. He has been painting for the past 25 years and more

he works of Isaac Brown delve deeply into both the structure and color in abstract themes. He wants to spread the message of love with his work. He has improved and remastered his color-significance with the help of computer technology. Isaac Brown mostly does abstract paintings and loves the freedom that it offers. Isaac Brown uses very bright and rich colors in his paintings.

Some of the well-known works of Isaac Brown include Dream of our Marriage, Monkey Do, Elementals, Macabee Victory, Praying in the Night, The Ceramony, Rejoicing, Switching Dangerous Lifes, At the Throne and Boxed Out among many others. Some of his famous computer works are Technic Dream, Seasons, Get Bent, Dreidels, the Gathering 4 and Buffalo Wise among others. His work has been collected internationally and also on loan at 330 fifth Avenue and 90 Broad Street in New York. He received the national award and The Ei Lily Reintegration Award from Ei Lily for Artistic Contribution. The works of Isaac Brown are kept in The Crossings, Albany and Gallery 18, New York City . His works are kept as collections at Singular Art, Ontario and John Sebastiano, Italy among others. There is an online gallery also where one can browse and buy paintings of Isaac Brown.

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