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Jake Baddeley

Jake Baddeley is a famous contemporary painter. Jake Baddeley in all his paintings either painted the morning twilight or the last rays of the evening. He has beautifully presented the time between day and night, sleep and waking just to depict the core reality of a fantasy and imagination. Through his paintings he showed the viewers both familiar and unfamiliar world at a same time. All his paintings present the realities of life.

For his paintings Jake Baddeley took inspiration from different sources, like the masters, iconography, the Dutch, the ancient Greeks, philosophy and mythology. But most commonly many paintings of Jake Baddeley show his own unconscious imaginations. Jake Baddeley mainly used oil paints in many transparent colors.

This brought a pearl glow in his paintings. Jake Baddeley is a famous artist some of his works are discussed below:

Meta: The famous painting of ‘Meta' with a surrealism theme was created in the year 2005; the medium of the painting is Giclee. Jake Baddeley portrayed the painting on a canvas 80 cm wide, 108 cm high. It was an unframed work. The painting was priced 825 US dollars.

The Well: ‘The well' another exclusive oil work of Jake Baddeley, was painted in the year 2005.the painting featured a blind folded woman sitting beside a well. Jake Baddeley painted the work on a canvas with a width of 58 cm and a height of 74 cm. it was also an unframed work with a surrealism theme. The painting costs, 675 US dollars.

Squaring the Circle: ‘Squaring the circle' another oil painting work of Jake Baddeley was created in the year 2005. The medium of the painting was Giclee. This unframed work was completed on a canvas 58 cm wide and 74 cm high. This architectural theme painting was priced 550 US dollars.

Threshold: The threshold, another famous work of Jake Baddeley, was created in the year 2005.the medium of the painting was giclee and painted on a canvas 58cm wide, 80 cm high with a surrealism theme. The painting was priced 550 US dollars.

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