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Karen Eide

Karen Eide is a contemporary encaustic artist. Encaustic painting involves adding colored pigments to heated beeswax. The paste is then applied to a surface, preferably wood. Karen Eide has won many awards for her works.

Karen Eide is a graduate with a BFA from the Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. Before starting out as a full time painter, Karen Eide was a studio potter for 11years and Creative Director for her advertising and design business for 12 years. The award winning works of Karen Eide are shown in national exhibitions and festivals. Karen Eide was selected by the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts to take part in their Statewide Artist Workshop Program. The program has been going on for the past two years and involves teaching and lecturing about the ancient technique of encaustic painting at art centers, schools and museums throughout Virginia. Karen Eide is an adjunct faculty member at the Museum's Studio School.

The art works of Karen Eide have rich textures and show an affinity to the natural world. The encaustic paintings of Karen Eide are expressions of the essence of her connection to the frailty, humor and beauty of nature. Her love of nature is a recurrent theme of Karen Eide,s paintings. Karen Eide paints very few landscapes. Even when she does, the landscapes by Karen Eide are indistinct. The paintings by Karen Eide are narratives by symbols and images that are layered within the paint. The figures are painted, drawn or collaged and are partially or fully revealed.

Some of the famous paintings of Karen Eide are, Fragile State of Nature and In the Catacombs. Karen Eide received an Honorable mention at the Seawall Arts Festival in Portsmouth, first place at the Manayunk Arts Festival, Philadelphia, third place in “Luxury” Tidewater Artists assoc. Juried Exhibition, Hampton and Stockley Gardens Art Festival, Norfolk. Karen Eide also received the Ed Carson Memorial Award in Stockley Gardens Art Festival.

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