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Ko Bhamra

Ko Bhamra is a Canadian of Indian origin. She lives in London, Canada. Ko Bhamra was born in India but raised in Windsor, Ontario. Growing up was a challenge at balancing both the cultures but Ko Bhamra embraced that challenge and was successful in striking the right balance

As a child Ko Bhamra was interested in a career in law. In high school she auditioned for the Windsor Center for Creative Arts. The freedom to paint unleashed the artist in her. Ko Bhamra fulfilled her parent wishes of pursuing a serious education by completing and undergraduate degree in philosophy. She is at present completing a law degree and also finishing her thesis for a master's degree in philosophy. In the meantime she paints to satisfy herself.

Ko Bhamra was brought up within the juxtapositions of two worlds, Indian and North American. Her art is well versed in the physical sense of contradiction and synthesis. Ko Bhamra releases oppressive factors of both her Indian and North American heritage with the empowerment of her strong sense of individuality which in turn is backed by assets she obtains from both cultures. Ko Bhamra embraces the western ideas of political freedom to challenge the social injustices in the east. Through her paintings Ko Bhamra aims to set free the minds of both men and women by going above the classifications that oppress us and hold back our connectivity. The works by Ko Bhamra point towards the possibility of unconventional revelation for our lives. The paintings of Ko Bhamra rebel against static depiction marked with an expression of dance in an explosion that transforms into beats that illuminate the desires that guide us.

Ko Bhamra has exhibited in numerous galleries in Windsor including the university of Windsor. Some of the well-known paintings of Ko Bhamra are Field of Flowers, Fever , Candy Apple Red and Breathe Love.

Further information and details on Ko Bhamra can be viewed on our website Ethnic Paintings.

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