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Krzysztof Babiracki

Krzysztof Babiracki was born in Walcz at Poland. He completed all his studies by living in Poland from the School of Fine Arts in Poznan at Poland Krzysztof Babiracki studied interior designing painting and drawing. Krzysztof Babiracki generally works with pastels, graphite, photography, oil and acrylic. Krzysztof Babiracki also worked with the members of CWCA, Chicago Windy City Artist, with the World Wide Art Resources and with ISA i.e. International Society of Artists in Sweden and also with World Artist Directory

Krzysztof Babiracki took inspiration for his paintings from the beauty of nature. According to Krzysztof Babiracki while painting he never follows any formal guidelines he fills the color in the canvas with his own heart. He says his art is his conscience, his love and life.

Though all the paintings of Krzysztof Babiracki are very famous only a few are discussed here:

Have a Nice Day: Krzysztof Babiracki created Have a Nice Day' in 2003 it was an oil painting with a theme on family. The canvas on which the painting was done was 58 inches wide, 68 inches high and 2 inches deep. Have a Nice Day' was created in two parts, 1 st and 2 nd .

Behind The Window: ‘Behind the Window' was created by Krzysztof Babiracki in the year 1999. The painting was a drawing pencil sketch. The canvas on which the painting was done was 40 inches wide, 60 inches high with a figurative theme. The painting was priced 5000 US dollars. ‘Behind the Window' was also created in two parts the 2 nd part was also created with the same figurative theme.

Krzysztof Babiracki created some other paintings like ‘Agus', ‘Blue Love', ‘Elza', ‘Jennifer', ‘Evil', ‘Light', ‘Lily' and ‘Metamorphosis' .

Krzysztof Babiracki won many awards for his highly skilled work on painting. He got the award of Excellence “Vision 99”Chicago. He got the award of Excellence “Vision 2000” and got nomination to the Florence Biennale in 2003.

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