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Lindy Bradley

Artists always have their own interpretation and ways of expressing themselves. Lindy Bradley is one such painter who is known for her artistic style. She currently lives in Fort Bragg, California. She was interested in painting right since her childhood.

Lindy Bradley graduated from school in 1976 and was busy painting till 2004 after which she fell ill. She suffers from a memory loss disease. She is very much attracted towards abstract art. Lindy Bradley finds abstract art very beautiful and unique. She is a self-taught artist and has never attended any schools, training from Professional artists or workshops. Lindy Bradley also takes digital photographs of different locations and flowers and then using her computer programs she turns them to “Abstract Delights”. She likes to live life and enjoy things as they come in the daily course. She likes to spread the message of love with her paintings. She uses very bright and rich colors in her paintings.

Some of the famous paintings of Lindy Bradley are All Tied Up One, All Tied Up Two, Green Twist, Flying Item, Reflections One, Birdsnest, Along the Long Train Trail One Three, Blue Two, Curls, Circles in Color, flames and Red Flames among many others. Her computer works include Color in Purple and Black and Colorful Stars. Her photographic works include Bird on a Stump Silhouette, Mexican Sage, Pink Rose Cluster, Blue Fushia, Mexican Sage Black, Brown Fuschia and Salmon Rose. Lindy Bradley has participated in many solo and group exhibitions at various places. There is an online gallery where one can browse and view her works.

To gather further information about Lindy Bradley and her paintings visit our site Ethnic Paintings.

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