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Mark Brockman

Acrylic painting is done with a special type of man-made polymer which dries very fast. This kind of painting was very common during the mid-20 th century. Mark Brockman is one the contemporary painter who lives in Pennsylvania, USA. He has been painting for the past 30 years. Although he works in various mediums, his favorite is oil and pastel.

The works of Mark Brockman range from representational to expressionistic in nature and he tries to find the fine line between them. He is deeply concerned about the color, look and texture of the paints. He firmly believes that “an artist must allow themselves to evolve and expand in an emotional way”. The works of Mark Brockman are in a constant evolutionary state. He tries to hear his inner voice which guides him towards the right direction. Whenever he is making images from nature he tries to hear the voices of nature and while making social or political works, he follows his inner voice. The main subjects of the paintings of Mark Brockman are abstract landscape, landscape, political, portrait, nature, and seascape.

Some of the renowned works of Mark Brockman are Spirit Whispers, A Bridge Behind Trees, Big Cloud Over a Mountain, Bloody Hands Give Peace a Chance, Warm Wood, Autumn Stream, Silver Evening, Smell of Rain, Corns Edge, Bywater, Glimmer, Hidden Observation and Warm Winter Light among many others. He has participated in various exhibitions at Boston, Atlanta, Paris and Pennsylvania. Mark Brockman has also won many awards like the Juror's Choice Award, Grumbacher Award and others. His paintings are kept in Chadds Ford Gallery, Art Resource Inc., America's Arts and Marshcreek Studio and Gallery . The paintings of Mark Brockman are also kept in various public and private collections all across the USA. There is an online gallery also where one can browse through his works.

To gain further knowledge about Mark Brockman and his paintings visit our site Ethnic Paintings.

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