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Matt O Neill

Matt O' Neill is a modern-day artist who presently lives in Washington, DC. He rejects the notion that art is always universal and personal.

He is mostly interested in abstract painting and his paintings do not represent anything, although they seem so. He feels that most of the time, art carries pretence and the viewer needs help to understand it. He uses different forms and shapes to suggest the existence of a harmonious world.

Matt O' Neill mostly does abstract paintings. He often feels a connection between himself and the environment in which he is working and that is reflected either in his moves, colors or rhythmic values. He believes that he has practiced a great deal to get the higher deal of perfection in his works but the themes are from the everyday lives. Matt O' Neill has participated in various solo and group exhibitions at different places. He uses very bright colors in most of his paintings.

Well-known works of Matt O' Neill

Some of the well-known paintings of Matt O' Neill are Red Genie, Baetrix Potter's First Trip on Acid, Blue Genie, Pallas Athena and Waterfall, Adoreman, The Difficulty With Simplicity among many others. Matt O' Neill also does photography, digital photography, black and white works, work in colors, calligraphy and also represents visions from his imaginary world. There is an online gallery also where one can browse through his works.

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