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Michel Briat

Artists have always attracted audience with their individualistic style and means of expression. Oil painting is one such medium and the trend has been followed by many famous painters. Michel Briat is a contemporary exponent of this medium. He lives and works in France.

Michel Briat graduated from EAP, a high business College in Paris. Thereafter he decided to become a painter. He then took admission at the ateliers of Pierre Alchinsky and Jan Voss. Michel Briat graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. In his paintings human beings affront statues with the desire to survive. The spaces represent things of the past, mythological museums or rooms of past lovers.

For the past ten years he is mainly focused on painting outdoors of great cities like Paris, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Berlin and Budapest. Michel Briat researches about how architecture and sculpture interact with contemporary lives. The main subjects of his paintings include cityscape, landscape, sports and dance. Michel Briat uses very bright colors in his paintings.

Michel Briat has participated in many solo and group exhibitions at Paris, France, Denmark, and Munich. Some of the well-known paintings of Michel Briat are The Kiss, Warrior in the Train, Narcisse, Performance, The Soloist, Venture, Copenhagen 5, Paris 23, Barcelona 13, Dance Couple, Party at Gymansium, Football Best Goals 6, and Football Best Goals 5 among many others. His works are kept as collections at Schneider-Goldenberg Private College, London and at many other places. He once worked on commission and made a portrait of Mr. Jack Schneider and Mrs. Edith Goldenberg, London.

Michel Briat is an art-therapeutist in a clinic. He also publishes the review La Loire Le Brésil , which contains the writings of painters and artists. Michel Brait is the author of the book Le végétarien sans peine .

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