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Shirley Estes

Oil painting is done mainly on pigmented surfaces and is one of the ancient medium of painting. It is most commonly done on paper or canvas and many painters have used this medium. In oil paintings, various types of oils are used to create several effects like matte or gloss. Shirley Estes is one of the modern-day exponents of watercolor painting. She presently resides in Maine, USA.

Shirley Estes is mainly a self-taught artist; however, she attends various classes and seminars throughout southern Maine. She is mainly known for the colorful and detailed landscape oil paintings. Shirley Estes has nurtured the love for painting ever since her childhood. Her paintings mainly reflect her love for nature and her surroundings.

She travels extensively throughout Southern Maine and makes excellent landscape paintings of the surroundings. Shirley Estes does not feel the need to go anywhere else to make her paintings as she feels her own country has a lot to offer. She uses very bright and rich colors in her paintings.

Shirley Estes is currently a member of The Saco Bay Artist Association and The United Maine Craftsman Inc. She has participated in the Ocean Park, Westbrook, Ogonquit exhibitions held at Maine.

Some of the well-known works of Shirley Estes are Afternoon by the Bay, Tools of the Trade, Monhegan Island, Rocks in Ocean Park, Heather, Acadia's Best, Hot Dogs For Sale, First Kiss, Olivia, Kianna, Hot Dog Lady, Gently Drifting, Roses by the Bay, Dry Afternoon, Sunrise at the Boat House, Resting Gently, Portland Headlight, Pet Portraits and Monhegan Island among many others. Shirley Estes also works on commission and makes portraits and special family pets. There is an online virtual gallery of her works as well.

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