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Shoshannah Brombacher

Painting has always been one of the best mediums of self-expression chosen by men down the ages. Shoshannah Brombacher is one of the modern-day painters who has chosen various mediums of self-expression. She is a Dutch born artist who lived in various cities before settling in New York.

Shoshannah Brombacher has done a Ph.D in Jewish literature and collects Chassidic stories. She also studied Middle Eastern languages, Hebrew literature and codicology in Leyden in Holland. She gave lectures at the Free University of Berlin. The main subjects of her paintings are Chassidic stories and Jewish themes, Sephardic poetry, classical music, cities, bridges, people, Judaism and calligraphy. Shoshannah Brombacher is deeply influenced by the Dutch 17 th century masters, German expressionism, Russian art and with medieval miniatures. Her study of the Hebrew literature provided her a good background to delve into the numerous interesting Jewish themes portrayed in her work. The paintings of Shoshannah Brombacher are also a tribute to the great Chassidic masters of Eastern Europe. She creates drawings about one theme often combined with texts or calligraphy. The main themes of her works are music, mythical, death, cityscape, philosophy, history, religious, love, dance, portrait, war, Judaic and many others.

Shoshannah Brombacher has participated in various group and solo exhibitions at Brooklyn, Manhattan, Holland, Berlin, Atlanta, Israel and Germany. She has also participated in many art auctions, art festivals, minor shows and fund raising functions. Some of the famous works of Shoshannah Brombacher are The Lubavitcher Rebbe, Yaakov Avinu and the Alter Rebbe, Moshe Rabbenu and the Mitteler Rebbe, A Dutch Jewish Wedding, The Graveyard of Prague, One Hour, A Wedding Present, A Beast and Beethoven among many others, Some of her calligraphic works include Kaddsih, Breslov Tikkun, A Sample of my Calligraphy, Hebrew Calligraphy and others. Shoshannah Brombacher has made illustrations for several books. Her work is also found in private collections, synagogues, schools, corporations and hospices and stores in Holland, Israel, Germany, Brazil, Belgium and the USA. Shoshannah Brombacher also works on commission and has made many paintings on demand.

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