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Zahir Babar

Zahir Babar is a contemporary artist from Lahore in Pakistan. Zahir Babar created many beautiful paintings and organized many exhibitions of his own paintings. Having acquired different fine arts degrees from Bolton University, Zahir Babar has presented different forms of paintings. His paintings never remained categorized he skillfully presents natural versions of different faces of life. Zahir Babar is especially interested in watercolor based paintings and being so much successful in his work he still desires to attach some good quality images. All his paintings are very famous but only some of those are discussed below:

Landscape: The ‘landscape' was created by Zahir Babar in the year 2001 with a watercolor medium. It was an unframed painting created on a canvas, 30 cm wide, 15 cm high. The theme of the painting was landscape. The painting was displayed featuring portrait of a famous monument ‘Tajmahal'.

Garden: In the year 2003, Zahir Babar presented the painting of ‘garden'. It was an oil painting work 3 feet wide, 2 feet high and having a depth of 2 feet. It was also an unframed work with an architectural theme. The painting was priced 250 US dollars. The painting is a description of a beautiful garden adjacent to a lane.

Historical Painting: The beautiful watercolor sketch of ‘historical building' was presented in the year 2003. Artist Zahir Babar presented the painting with an architectural theme. The painting was displayed on a canvas 2 feet wide, 1 feet high and 2 feet deep. Like his previous works it was also an unframed work. The painting was priced 200 US dollars.

Medical Collage: Zahir Babar created the image of ‘Medical Collage' in the year 2003. The painting was oil painted on a canvas 4 feet wide, 5 feet high and 2 feet deep. The theme of the painting was cityscape. This was also displayed unframed.

Some other famous works of Zahir Babar include, ‘Family', sculptures of ‘Buddha', ‘Aristotle', ‘Sleeping Christ', ‘Bear Log', and figure paintings like, ‘Amir Khan' ‘Fragile'.

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