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Body Paint

Body paint includes those paints which are used in the body painting art. These paints should be skin-friendly and chosen according to one's skin type. The paints should be greasy because water-based paints always have a tendency to break off after they dry up. Body paint can be applied to any part of the body.

Art of Body Painting

Body painting art is a form of painting which is considered to be an ancient form of art. Body painting art developed primarily among the tribal people. It is still practiced in parts of Australia, the Pacific islands and different parts of Africa. It is a temporary form of art unlike tattoos. Mehndi, is also a form of body painting which is practiced mainly on brides, in India and parts of Middle East. Body painting art has revived greatly in the western nations. Even body painting festivals are organized in different parts of the world.

Features of Body Paint

Body paints are non-toxic, non-allergic and can easily be washed away with water. These paints are very safe to use, however, one should be careful while choosing them. These paints are applied with paint brushes, hands, air brush and natural sponge. Body paint is sometimes made of chocolate also. Nowadays, body painting is done with liquid latex material. This is a fluid medium made of rubber that is painted on the body and it dries up in room temperatures. The designs can include anything under the sun, depending on the choice of the customer. Body paints are available in several colors.

Useful Tips for Body Painting

There are some important points which should be kept in mind while applying body paints. First of all, the color should not cause any kind of allergy to your skin. One needs to be very careful while choosing the colors. Moreover, body paints should never be applied on wounded areas and should be kept away from eye contacts. Keep these tips in mind before doing body painting and try to experience the thrill once in life at least.

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