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Car Paint

Car paint means those special paints which are made for painting cars. Car painting is the latest trend in the automobile industry and has gained immense popularity. People no more like the drab colors in cars and are ready to experiment with the look of even new cars.

Types of Car Paint

There are different types of car paints which are available in the market. The most common ones are nitro-cellulose paint, isocynate paint and water based paint . Nitro-cellulose paint is the most common and oldest type of car paint. It is a toxic paint which is very popular with both manufacturers and repairers. Isocynate car paints were first used during the 1970's and 1980's. This paint is extremely toxic. This paint is a respiratory sensitizer and so requires special breathing equipments. Water based car paints are the most common type of paints which is largely preferred by manufacturers and repairers. Although the color coat in these types of paints is water based yet it needs to be protected with a two-pack lacquer coating.

Useful Tips for Car Paint

There are some useful tips which should be kept in mind while cleaning and applying the car paint. Always remember that car paints should never be applied while the sun is shining brightly as this may streak or smudge the paint. Always read the instructions carefully before applying the car paint. Do not park the car for long hours in the sun as it will cause the paint to blister. Always try to choose light color car paints because they are more durable than darker ones. While cleaning the car always try to use high quality polishes which have a mild abrasive in them. Do not use any kind of harsh chemicals or detergents to clean your car. Always use a wet cloth for cleaning your car instead of a dry one.

There are many well-known brands of car paints which are available in the market. Just remember the useful tips while painting your car and you can easily get a special glossy effect on your car.

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