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Design Sketches

A sketch is a kind of freehand drawing made of overlapping lines. Sketches generally serve the purpose of recording ideas for use at a later time. Making a sketch is easy and an inexpensive way of trying out different ideas before making an actual painting. A design sketch is generally used in terms of applied arts like architecture or engineering, fashion designing.

Making a Design Sketch:

Design Sketches are used to create something that is utilitarian as well as good looking. Fashion designers design sketches of the latest styles of dresses and accessories and use the sketches as guidelines to making the final products. Design sketches are usually made with dry painting media to save time but at times watercolors and clay or wax models are also considered as design sketches.

Artists make frequent use of erasers while making design sketches. Erasers are useful in removing structural lines and soften other lines for better visual effects. Pencil design sketches use kneaded erasers with a sticky surface. This allows the artist to lift the graphite or charcoal from the drawing surface without causing smudge lines. Plastic erasers can remove lines without causing any mess but in case of heavy shading, they cause a lot of smudging.

Purpose of Design Sketch:

Design Sketches involve creativity and problem solving. Sketch designing and execution of the final product is often intertwined. Design sketches are just rough works. They are almost never perfect and are often repetitive. In today's world the quality of being able to make quick sketches has many advantages. Forensic design sketches help authorities in capturing criminals or wanted people.

Famous Design Sketches:

Famous design sketches include those made by famous artists Leonardo da Vinci and Edgar Degas. The sketchbooks of the famous artists show design sketches that have become art items in their own right. Many of the design sketches by famous artists are thoughtful studies rather than casual sketches.

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