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Enamel Paint

Enamel paints are a kind of hard paint with a glossy finish. Enamel paints can be made by adding varnish in ordinary oil-based paint. In 1930 oil modified polyesters were introduced. These polyesters are sometimes referred to as enamel paints. Typically enamel paint is used to refer to a wide range of high gloss oil-based covering products. Enamel products also include latex or water based paints. Modern enamel paints are hard surfaced and is usually in reference to high quality paint brands, floor coatings with high gloss or spray paints.

Varieties of Enamel Paints:

There is a wide range of enamel paint available in the market, namely;

Floor Enamel : it is used for concrete surfaces, stairs, basements, porches and patios.

Fast Dry Enamel : fast drying enamels dry within 15-20 minutes of their application. They are ideally used for painting refrigerators, counters and for other industrial finishes.

High-temp enamel : high temperature enamel paints are extremely heat resistant. They are used to paint engines, brakes, exhaust and barbecue grills.

Anti rust enamel : used for painting rust susceptible items.

Enamel paint is also used on wood to make it resistant to external elements through the waterproofing and rot proofing characteristics of enamel. Enamel painted surfaces are longer lasting and more resistant to wear and tear than unpainted or untreated surfaces.

Spray Paints:

Spray paints are essentially enamel paints. The most popular type of spray paint is available in aerosol cans. Automobile painting shops use air compressors to spray paint a car body. These are expensive and laborious. Ordinary spray guns have a compressor to atomize the paint. This type of spray gun wastes a lot of paint since one third of the paint is coated and the rest is blown into the air as a result of which it makes the job very messy.

Alternative varieties of Enamel Paint:

Other varieties of enamel paints available in the market are acrylic enamel paint, latex enamels and oil based enamel paints .

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