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Exterior Paints

Exterior paints are a specialized color paint that is used to protect the house from weather elements and give a nice look to the house. There is a wide variety of exterior paints available for painting the exterior walls of any house or building. There are various types of exterior paints available.

Types of Exterior Paints:

Latex paint : Latex paint is durable, fast drying and easy to clean. Latex paints are safe from mildew and can be applied over damp exteriors. Latex paints can be applied without using a thinner but should not be applied too thinly.

Acrylic paint : acrylic paint is a subsidiary of latex paint. Acrylics are thinned by adding water and can be used on any kind of surface including primer coated metal. Acrylic paints also dry rapidly

Alkyd paint : Alkyd paint is a type of synthetic paint that needs to be diluted with solvent. Alkyd paint is similar to oil based paints but it dries too quickly. This paint can be used to cover up old oil based paints or alkyd based paints as it has good camouflaging properties.

Oil paint : oil paints are messy and take a long time to dry. However they are extremely durable. Oil paints are not very suitable for exteriors since the long drying time makes it susceptible to insects and dampness.

Primers : primers are useful for sealing fresh wood and metal. Only one coating of primer is enough for a good seal. Primers are not for use as finishes and vice versa. Priming a surface is easy but it requires a lot of paint as the surface is fresh.

Stains : stains give a transparent, semitransparent or solid finish as required. Stains are used as finishes for wood siding and trim. A few varieties of stain contain preservatives and give the wood an antique look.

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