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Gloss Paints

Gloss paints are those paints which produce a shiny finish on the walls, railings, windows and other surfaces . These paints have a mirror like finish . The gloss paints are the easiest paint finish to clean.

Features of Gloss Paints

Gloss paints are best for areas which are heavily used or exposed to different types of stains like fingerprints, grime or grease. The smooth surface is highly moisture resistant. The highly reflective quality of these paints makes every surface look irregular or imperfect. Gloss paints are mostly used for trim works on cabinets, banisters, doorframes, window sills and frames. The paints need to be applied in such a way that the surface looks glossier than ever before. Gloss paints contain a larger part of specular reflection. There are mainly two kinds of gloss paints—high-gloss and semi-gloss paints. High gloss paints were used earlier because it is regarded to be more durable than other kinds of paint. Gloss paints have a very strong smell unlike matte finish paints.

Useful Tips about Gloss Paints

There are certain useful tips which should be kept in mind while applying gloss paints. High gloss paint is difficult to apply because light bounces off quickly from the surfaces and as a result many flaws occur. Always remember to use the best quality of brushes while applying high gloss paints. In case of applying multiple layers of paints it will be difficult and time-taking. Light touch-ups on surfaces painted with gloss paints are really very difficult as the surface would show every imperfection. Cleaning the surfaces painted with gloss paints is tough as these oil based paints require toxic solvents to clean up and are not environment friendly. In case of damp areas, gloss paints would reveal the inner surface more prominently than latex paints.

So just remember to keep these tips in mind the next time you decide to paint with gloss paints.

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