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Interior Paints

Interior paints are special paints which are designed to be applied on interior surfaces. They add special touch and sheen to the interior walls of your home or office. There are mainly two types of interior paints- water based and alkyd which is oil based. The water-based paints can easily be cleaned with soap and water while the oil based paints must be cleansed with a thinner. The interior paints are not meant for exterior uses.

Aspects of Interior Paints

Interior paints reveal a lot about the choice of the person and about his taste. Nowadays, water-based interior paints or latex paints are greatly preferred because they adhere well to most of the surfaces and have a greater resistance to cracking, chipping, peeling and fading. Interior paints are available with various finishes like gloss, semi-gloss, satin, eggshell and matte. The finish depends largely on the type of room and one’s personal decorating style.

There are certain things which should be considered like the size of the room, architectural details of the room and the function of the room. Each room has certain unique characteristics and functions which should be strictly considered while choosing interior paints. For instance, matte paint is best suited for ceilings, surface imperfections whereas satin and eggshell paint is best for kitchens, baths, children’s rooms, playrooms and in high-traffic areas. Interior paints are available in various shades and you can choose your favorite color. Nowadays, even computerized paint matching and custom color mixing is available in certain shops.

Useful Tips for Interior Paints

The greatest advantage of water-based interior paints is that they can easily be cleansed off with soap and water. Always remember to wipe off the dust from the surface before applying the paints. If you are painting on a new dry wall or a light paint over a dark paint then apply a primer first on the surface. Try to buy interior paints with a low VOC (volatile organic compounds) as paint fumes often cause nausea and headache. Just keep these simple tips in mind while choosing your interior paints.

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