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Latex Paints

Latex paints are water-based paints, which are very easy to clean up. They give a matte effect to the surfaces. Latex paints can be easily diluted with water and the equipments used for applying the paint can easily be cleansed off.

Features of Latex Paint

Latex paints are non-toxic and have lesser odor than oil based paints. When used for interior surfaces, generally the fumes from oil based paints linger on for long. However, the odor from latex paints quickly dissipates once the paint is dried. Moreover, latex paints are non-inflammable. They are much more environment friendly than other paints. Latex paints can easily be disposed off along with regular waste. On the other hand, oil based paints and the solvents used for thinning it are considered as toxic waste and must be disposed off quickly. Latex paints can also be recycled if used in the proper manner. They are available in a variety of colors, grades and finishes. Generally, latex paints have a better gloss and are much easier to touch up than oil based paints. Latex paints also fade much lesser in interior surfaces, no yellowing of interior surfaces takes place and cracks are lesser. The greatest advantage is that they require a lesser drying time than oil based paints.

Tips for Application of Latex Paints

There are certain useful tips which should be kept in mind while applying latex paints. Firstly, the surface should first be sanded and cleaned with any type of solvent. Always remember to remove any kind of dust that might have accumulated on the wall and then wipe with a wet cloth. Try to use an acrylic, shellac or oil-based undercoating if you are applying the latex paint on a new wall or on previous oil based paint. In case the surface is rough or porous, it must be sealed first. For latex paints always use synthetic bristle brushes or rollers. Always remember never to out brush on a newly painted area. These are few of the helpful tips which must be kept in mind while using latex paints.

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