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Motorcycle Paint

Motorcycle paint means the paints which are used for painting motorbikes. These paints give a sleek and stylish look to your motorcycles and are in vogue. Custom motorcycle painting is in great demand these days. In this process, the design and color is chosen by the customer and professional artists do the painting. The drabness of usual designs is altered with this process.

Features of Motorcycle Paint

The designs for motorcycle paint include mainly marine, fire, flames, animals, murals, cartoon characters, abstract art and terrifying figures. Spray painting is done on motorcycles to give it a polished look. Spray painting equipments are of different kinds but mainly the spray paint gun and spray paint booth is used for motorcycle paint. Spray paint guns are used mainly to paint the interior surfaces where it is difficult to access with hands. Different colors like red, blue, orange, green, yellow and mostly bright shades are used in the motorcycle painting process. Some people even do motorcycle painting to cover certain damaged portions. However, some others just do it in order to give a newer and more polished look to the motorcycle. Most of the motorcycle paints are oil based.

There are many shops all over the world where custom motorcycle painting is done. These shops always check the condition of the motorcycle before taking it for repair. In case of damaged parts they charge extra for repairing them. There are various steps of sealing, painting, re-painting, final polishing and many other steps which are involved in the process of motorcycle paint.

Useful Tips

After painting your motorcycle, there are certain things which you should keep in mind in order to protect it. Most importantly, try to cover it whenever possible with any cover or glossy thin films which are available in the market. Always remember not to keep the motorcycle in the bright sun for long hours as the paint may chip off in the initial days.

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