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Natural Paints

According to EPA standards, indoor air is thrice more polluted than outdoor air. Chemical fumes from paints and finishes are supposedly the biggest contributor to indoor air pollution. Paints release toxic emissions into the air even after several years of application. Due to this most people are switching to natural paints or non toxic paints as a safer option.

Advantages of using Natural Paints:

Natural paints are a safer and healthier option. They have no toxic by products and are thus environment friendly. Natural oils in natural paints are better for wooden surfaces. They penetrate into the wood and provide tough and long lasting protection. Natural emulsion paints allow walls to breathe naturally. Natural exterior wood finishes are easier to use and more durable due to the oils in them. Natural paints are safe enough to use on children’s toys. Since natural paints are not considered hazardous waste, they can be disposed easily.

Composition of Natural Paints:

Natural paints are made from synthesizing plant extracts and simple minerals. They also use other natural ingredients like water, resins, clay, chalk, talcum, milk casein, latex, bees’ wax and mineral dyes. Water based natural paints are odorless. Oil based natural paints usually have a faint citrus’ fragrance or the essence of essential oils. Natural paints can be divided into two categories:

Plant derivatives: Plant based paints do not contain solvents and are environmentally friendly. They give off a little amount of natural VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) like essential oils.
Mineral based paints: Mineral based paints are also solvent free. Unlike plant based paints, mineral based paints do not emit VOC.
Natural Paints may be slightly more expensive than chemical paints but in the long run spending that extra amount of money pays off in terms of lessening health complications and being more environmentally safe.
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