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Non drip Paints

Non-drip paints have a jelly like consistency and is much easier to use. It is much thicker and consistent than conventional paints. Non-drip paints are also known as thixotropic paints. Non-drip paints will produce runs if too much is applied at a time and is not properly spread on the walls. The consistency of non-drip paints allows a splotch of paint to be picked up by the brush and then evenly spread on the walls.

Aspects of Non-drip Paints

Non-drip paints are mainly of two kinds- non-drip satin and non-drip gloss. The non-drip satin gives a more subtle glossy finish to wood and metal products. The non-drip gloss gives a more rough and tough finish with a brilliant reflective quality to the more exposed surfaces. Non-drip gloss is much easier to apply than liquid gloss. The final result gives a thicker and protective coat than liquid gloss. Non-drip paints are available in various colors. Generally, non-drip paints do not require an undercoat, but some people prefer to apply an under coat to get better results. As the undercoat is not always required, painting with non-drip paints becomes cheaper than normal paints.

Useful Tips about Non-drip Paints

There are certain helpful tips which one should remember while using non-drip paints. One of the most important things to remember is that non-drip paints should never be stirred even if it appears lumpy. In case the paint has got stirred, just leave it for a while and it will again become jelly-like. Another important point to remember is that the excess paint from the brush should not be removed because the brushes are meant to be heavily loaded with paints. Before painting the surface it should be thoroughly cleansed with damp rags. Always apply the non-drip paints in light strokes of the brush and remember never to out brush, as it will bring runs on the surface.

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