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Paint Coatings

Paint coatings are a top coat or covering applied on an object in order to protect it or alter its look. Paint coatings may be liquids, gases or solids. The material that is coated is known as a substrate. Paint coatings are of various types each suited to different needs and requirements.

Enamel Coating:
Enamel paint coatings are hard and have a glossy finish. Enamel coats can be further subdivided into floor enamel, fast dry enamel, high-temp enamel, anti rust enamel and wood enamel. Enamel coating is suitable for concrete surfaces, refrigerators, engines, brakes, rust susceptible surfaces and wood.
Powder Coating:
Powder coatings are solid coatings applied as free flowing dry powder. Powder coats are different from liquid paints since they do not require a solvent to suspend the binder and fillers. Powder coating is electrostatically applied. It is then cured under heat to make it flow and form a covering. Powder coating is used in creating a hard finish. Powder coating is used only for metals.

Industrial Coating:
Industrial coatings have protective rather than aesthetic qualities. Industrial coatings are commonly used for protecting steel and concrete against corrosion. Intumescent industrial coatings provide resistance against fire. Industrial coatings use polyutherane and epoxy polymers. Flouropolymer polymers are also quite common in industrial coatings.
Silicate Mineral Paint:
Mineral paints are mineral based coatings made with potassium silicate or sodium silicate. They are also known as waterglass. Silicate mineral paints are inorganic and non-offgassing. Mineral paints bind to any silicates within the substrate and form a micro crystalline structure. Silicate Mineral coatings give a breathable finish. Silicate mineral paints inhibit micro biotic growth and reduce carbonization.
Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) Coating:
It is a powder coating based on epoxy. It is used for protection of steel pipes, concrete reinforcing rebars and other plumbing connections, valves etc. FBE coatings are thermoset polymer coatings.

Other coatings are Plasma coatings, Electroless Plating, Electrochemical plating, Polymer coatings or Teflon, and Vitreous Enamel.
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