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Paint Sprayers

An instrument that sprays paint onto any surface instead of brushing it on is known as a paint sprayer. A paint sprayer is the quickest way of finishing a paint job. Paint sprayers are available in different sizes and of varying power ratings to suit individual needs. There are various methods of spray painting. Most hand held paint sprayers combine the paint with air or change the paint into minute droplets and force them through the nozzle.

Types of Paint Sprayers:

Paint sprayers are of two types, airless and airspray.

Airless: Airless paint sprayers are very commonly used for home projects. The paint is driven through an applicator, thus doing away with the need to reload or dip into the paint can. The pressure in airless sprayers is applied by pumps rather than air. This reduces overspray and waste. Airless paint sprayers are useful for small as well as large jobs. They can be used to paint walls or large areas. These are available with a shoulder strap or wheels for easy portability. Airless paint sprayers are available with diaphragm pumps, piston pumps or double stroke piston gears.

Air Spray Painters: Air spray painters or HVLP units use a considerable quantity of air with paint. The low pressure of the sprayer allows the paint to be applied in a smooth film with very little overspray. Air sprayers are best used for small areas like shutters or cabinets. Since air spray painters use air to create pressure only one third of the paint is coated onto the surface. The remaining two thirds of the paint is spayed into the air and wasted.

Other Uses of paint Sprayers:

Paint Sprayers are used by graffiti artists and in fine arts. Both painting and sculptures have been made using paint sprayers. Notable artists to use paint sprayers are Jules Olitski, Dan Christensen, Peter Reginato, Sir Anthony Caro and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

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