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Paint Supplies

A thorough knowledge of supplies necessary for painting is essential for painting. The knowledge about capabilities and limitations of each painting media enables in rendering good works of art.

Basic Paint Supplies:
Every artist, even a beginner needs a few basic things to get started. Art material and supplies are easily available at any art shop.
Brushes are needed to apply the paint. A high quality brush of the right size is very essential to get an evenly covered surface. High quality brushes lasts longer, holds more paint and allows even coverage.
Paint Media:
Different paint media have different qualities and drawbacks. It is important to choose the media according to desired effect and convenience. Acrylic paints are quick drying and age slowly. Water colors have subtle shades and are easy to work with, making them suitable for outdoor painting. Oil paints are a favorite among painters due to its versatility. However it is slow drying and best for studio work. Gouache paints are a kind of watercolor. They are opaque and contain a high proportion of pigment. Gouache paints render solid, bold colors by themselves and soft tones when mixed with water. An artist can even combine different paint media to create mixed media drawings.

Painting Supports:
The painting support varies for individual painting media. For oil paintings it is better to prepare the support with a primer before starting the work. The most widely used painting support is canvas. Pre primed canvases are also available in the market but they are more expensive. Canvas needs to be mounted on canvas boards and are good for beginners. Masonite is a type of strong material that is rough on one side and smooth on the other. Usually the smooth side is used for painting. The rough side can be used for painting thick impastos. Watercolors can be painted on any watercolor pad or on loose sheets of paper. For acrylic and gouache paintings it is advisable to use an illustration board.
Palettes are used to hold and mix paints. Palettes have thumbholes so that they can be supported on one arm. Disposable palettes and stay wet palettes are also available for acrylic paints.
Mediums are liquids which when added to paint, dilute the color, decrease drying time or create special effects.
Varnishes are applied on top of finished paintings. The varnish acts as a protective top coat.
Thinners are used to dilute oil paints and clean brushes. Turpentine is the preferred thinner for using with oil paints. Hardware stores also stock artist quality thinners which are not quite the same as turpentine.

Apart from the above mentioned painting products artists also use easels which make the painting easier and other rags and cloths to produce various effects. To paint effectively it is essential to buy proper, good quality painting materials and keep all the necessary paint supplies at hand.
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