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Wall Paints

For every owner of a house choosing wall paints is a conspicuous task. Getting the right finish and color for every room ensures that the paint lasts longer and looks good as well.

Choosing the right paint:
The colors of the paint should also be chosen keeping in mind the neighborhood and size of the house. Dark colors make a house look smaller whereas light colors make it look big. Nowadays paints are available with a variety of finishes. Each finish has its unique qualities and the paints for each room should be chosen according to the demands and activities in the room concerned.
Matte Finish Paint:
Matte finish paints are non glossy paints. It is good for use on interior walls. Matte finish paints camouflage imperfections on the walls. Some of the matte finish paints available today are washable; however scratches or marks will have to be covered up with more paint.
Flat Enamel Paint:
Flat enamel paints are durable and also have a matt finish. Flat enamel paints are suitable for painting halls and corridors. They hold up to occasional cleaning very well.

Eggshell Finish Paint:
Eggshell finish paints have very little shine or gloss. They are good for walls and require lesser cleaning than a flat finish paint.
Satin Finish Paint:
Satin finish paints have a velvety look and are glossier. They are good for using on windows, doors, trim or ceilings. But they can also be used as wall paint. Satin finish paints are particularly suitable for children’s room since they can be scrubbed clean.
Semi Gloss Paint:
Semi Gloss paints are used on doors, trim, kitchens and bathrooms. They can be cleaned easily and have a pleasant understated shine. While painting a surface with semi gloss paint the surface needs to be prepared well. Badly prepared surfaces do not turn out well when painted by semi gloss paints.
Glossy Paints:
Glossy paints have a reflective sheen. The reflective surface gives a plastic or enamel appearance to the paint. High gloss paints are very tough. They accentuate imperfections and are used more on furniture than walls. However high gloss paints are good for exterior walls since they can withstand weather conditions better.

Apart from the types of wall paints mentioned above there are other wall paints like anti-graffiti paints that allow removal of wall graffiti easily, anti-climb paint that is extremely slippery and Non VOC paints that are solvent free. No VOC paints are environmentally friendly.
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