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Painting by Themes

Browse through paintings by their themes. Be it religious or secular, exotic or classical, we present here a comprehensive resource base on painting themes.

God and goddesses,

animal figures,

court scenes,


nature, mythology, literature, folk lore almost everything in life and imagination can become the theme for a painting. However, there are some painting themes which have enticed the artists and admirers for ages. Given here are some such popular themes of Indian and international paintings.

  • Abstract Landscape Paintings
  • Acrylic Landscape Painting
  • American Landscape Painters
  • American Landscape Painting
  • Bird Painting
  • Camel Paintings
  • Cat Paintings
  • Chinese Landscape Paintings
  • Christmas Paintings
  • Elephant Paintings
  • Figure Drawing
  • God Paintings
  • Green Tara Thangka
  • Halo Painting
  • Impressionist Oil Paintings
  • Landscape Oil Paintings
  • Mughal Love Paintings
  • Mughal Court Paintings
  • Oil Paintings of Flowers
  • Oil Painting Landscape
  • Oil Portrait Paintings
  • Paint Landscape
  • Paintings Of Landscape
  • Panel Painting
  • Pet Painting
  • Radha Krishna Paintings
  • Renaissance Landscape Paintings
  • Romantic Landscape Painting
  • Spiritual Motifs
  • Urban Landscape Painting
  • Village Paintings
  • War Paintings
  • Watercolor Landscape

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