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Acrylic Landscape Painting

Painters across borders love painting in colorful strokes and try to communicate their perception of the world through skilful use of color, texture etc.

Acrylic is one such medium which helps a painter to communicate his vision of the world in the most appealing manner. The art world is replete with stories as to why and how artists came to use acrylics. For example Mary Sweet turned to acrylics when chemicals and slow drying oil paints became a problem after the birth of her son. Similarly, Barbara Buer turned to acrylics one day out of sheer frustration when she ran out of watercolor paint. Quite amazingly, she found acrylic easier to apply on different backgrounds.

Techniques of acrylic painting- Acrylics happens to be an extremely versatile medium and can be used straight from tubes like watercolors. The following techniques can help one to get started with acrylic paintings very easily.

  • Keeping Acrylic Paint in a Workable condition- Acrylic paints generally dries very fast. So it is advisable to use stay-wet palettes.

  • Improve flow without using color- Use of flow- improver medium rather than just water will help to increase the flow of a color without losing the color strength.

  • Blending Acrylic Paints- Acrylic paints dry rapidly. So one need to work fast One should also not dampen paper, as this will accentuate the working time.

  • Acrylic paint as glue for collage- Acrylic paint can act as a glue in a collage provided it's used thickly and the item to be stuck also isn't too heavy.

Books on acrylic landscape paintings- The following books offer a veritable mine of information on acrylic landscape paintings for all art lovers across the world.

  • Acrylic Landscape Painting Techniques by Hugh Greer.
  • Acrylic Painting with Lee Hammond by Lee Hammond.
  • Discover the Joy of Acrylic Painting by Jacqueline Penney.
  • The Acrylic Painter's Book of Styles & Techniques by Rachel Wolf.

Some of the great acrylic landscape paintings that deserves to be mentioned are a follows-

  • Gold in Fife by Fernandes Regina .

  • Wiesner Nidhi by Hotland

  • Sunset by Ioganov Evguemia

  • You Know What I Mean by Neckles Alex.

    There are brilliant colors available in acrylics which often lure the painters from other mediums to switch over to acrylics.

    The medium of painting plays a crucial role while depicting landscapes. The medium can make or break a painting. Using acrylic as a medium makes the task much easier and lets one discover the joy of painting!

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