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American landscape Painters

History of American landscape painter- In American art, landscapes plays an important role. American Landscape painting came to occupy a position in American art in 1820s.American landscape painter like Thomas Cole came to express faith in the communicative power of landscape.

American landscape painters

Thomas Cole - Thomas Cole is considered as the founder of the Hudson River School. Hudson River School artists were a group of painters who painted landscape in the period between 1828-1875. Land signified prosperity to them and imbued them with a sense of national identity. They regarded land as the abode of God.

Asher B Durand
- Asher B. Durand belonged to the first generation of Hudson River School artists. He thought studying the land would lead to enlightenment and would usher in a sense of Divine Harmony. Asher B Durand like other Hudson River School artists had an eye for details. In keeping with winds of change that were gradually setting in America the landscape artists started portraying the disappearing wilderness. George Inness' ‘The Lackawanna Valley’ bears testimony to this fact.

Albert Bierstadt- A sense of exploring the far reaches of the continent dominated the psyche of the American people in the mid-nineteenth century. Artists like Albert Bierstadt who was haunted by this sense of discovery, came to be known for their grandiose landscapes with large panoramic view. He was one of the first artists to use a camera to record landscape views. Bierstadt happens to be the most successful and renowned painter in America who had very few rivals. Bierstadt, unfortunately, lived to see his romantic, grandiose and highly detailed paintings of the Western landscape go out of tune to be replaced by adventurous modern paintings.

Thomas Moran- It was Moran’s paintings of the American West which led to the establishment of the Yellowstone as the first National Park of America in 1872.

Winslow Homer- With passage of time the great monumental landscapes lost its grandeur. The landscapes came to be regarded as an artists own canvas for portraying his emotional outpourings. Winslow Homer, in keeping with this new spirit specialized in many outdoor scenes depicting American rural life.

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