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Cat Paintings

Cats are wonderful subjects to Paint, with their quick graceful movements equally suited to brisk energetic handling or to smooth, elegant lines, they make the canvases come alive.

Whether itís with reverence (as in the ancient Egyptian Art) or with fondness (as in commissioned paintings of pets) Cat Paintings indeed make for delightful artworks.

Cat Paintings in ancient Egyptian Culture

After the pyramids and the kohl painted eyes of Cleopatra (or for the uninitiated -Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra), almost nothing symbolizes Egyptian culture more than Cats. The fascination that the ancient Egyptians had with cats has mystified Historian for centuries. The colorful depiction of cats has adorned the walls of Egyptian Pyramids of ages. Cats held a high position in ancient Egypt. They were not only the most popular pet in the house, but their status rose to that of the sacred animals and then on to the most esteemed deities like no other creature before them. In ancient Egypt, the greatest danger to Egyptian households was the numerous poisonous snakes, rats and mice, which attacked food supplies in the home and the village granaries. The wild cat, it is assumed, strayed into the villages and hunted down the vermin, keeping them at bay. It's easy to imagine the grateful Egyptians painting these cats to on walls as a sign of respect to their benefactors.

Tomb paintings with cats as part of family life began to show up during the New Kingdom and they show cats as part of everyday life. They are even shown as being a part of hunting excursions, especially in the marshes where cats may have been trained to retrieve fowl and fish. They were also shown as domesticated creatures seated under women's chair. This showed that cats by then had become integral parts of Egyptian households.

Commissioned paintings of Cats

Some fond owners commission artists who specialize in animal paintings, to paint portraits of their cats. Such painters are readily available on the Internet and one has to only send a photograph of ones pet to get the ball rolling. Such paintings are purely of sentimental value.

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