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Landscape Oil Paintings

Landscape Oil Paintings are exquisite depictions of mountains, valleys, trees, rivers and forests. Most of these paintings include sky in the background. Weather is an important aspect of these compositions.

Artists and viewers almost always equate landscape paintings with scenes of idyllic beauty probably because industrial revolution and the fast disappearing wilderness were the main themes of landscape paintings.

J.M.W. Turner was one of the greatest European painters of landscapes. His oils are somber in color but reveal his preoccupation with contrasted effects of light and atmospheric effects such as storms and rainbows.

The 19th century saw another great painter of landscapes, John Constable. He is today valued as one of the most important English Painters. His oil paintings, with their free and vigorous brushwork were revolutionary at the time and they continue to interest artists, scholars and the general public.

Famous Landscape Oil Paintings

Listed below are some of the most important Landscape Oil Paintings of all times.

The Hay Wain -1821 (John Constable)

This oil painting was completed in 1821 and is considered to be one of Constable’s best works. It depicts a hay wain near Flatford Mill, Suffolk.

Seaport -1674 (Claude Lorrain)

No list of Landscape paintings will be complete without the inclusion of this French Master. This oil Painting of a seaport is one of his best loved works. What stands out in this painting is Lorrain’s capacity to depict light in the most ethereal way.

The Voyage of Life Series- 1840 (Thomas Cole)

This series by the most famous proponent of the Hudson River School is considered by many to be his masterpiece. A voyager’s journey through wilderness is captured in this series.

Indeed the the painters make the nature eloquent in these landscape paintings.

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