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Oil Painting Landscapes


Oil painting is a very traditional form of painting. Old Masters used oil as their medium of painting. Oil paintings are thus a cherished from of art both among modern artists and art collectors alike. Oil painting is a versatile medium of painting and it is no wonder that artists love to experiment with different oil painting techniques. Emotive landscape oil paintings depict the vastness of our world infusing life on the canvas with each stroke of the painting brush.

Characteristics of Oil Painting

Among the different categories of painting, oil paintings are the most prominent. It requires great competence to work on oil paint. A good oil painter sees things in different light Oil paintings generally take a lot of time to dry and produce the desired effect. Landscapes can be beautifully depicted using oil paint as a medium.

Colors used in Oil painting landscapes- The common colors used in oil painting landscapes are as follows-

  • Flake White
  • Yellow Ochre Light
  • Red Ochre
  • Madder Lake deep
  • Prussian Blue
  • Lamp Black
  • Vermillion

Creating landscape in oils can be a fascinating process. But one has to learn the following techniques to master the art of painting landscape in oils.

  • Think like an oil painter- The language of oil paint is distinctly different from other modes of painting. It has got its own laws. So one needs to think like an oil painter and learn the ropes of the trade.

  • Proceed Step By Step- An oil painter whether depicting a landscape or a portrait should proceed step by step and should never be confused. The steps most commonly followed while creating oil painting landscapes are as follows-

    • Under painting
    • Glazing
    • Knowing about composition
    • Tone values

Fat over lean- One of the fundamental concepts of oil painting is the rule of painting 'fat over lean'. Fat over lean has got to do with the varying drying times of oil pigments and seeing to it that the upper layers of paint don't dry faster than the lower ones.

Famous Oil landscape paintings- Some of the famous landscape paintings produced in oil are as follows-
  • Watering pots by Theodore Robinson
  • A Miracle of Nature by Thomas Moran
  • The Notch of the White Mountains by Thomas Cole

Famous oil painting landscapes in rich vivid colors continue to resonate with depth and dimension mesmerizing human soul with its unique and compelling styles.

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