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Painting of landscape

Introduction-Painting of landscape refers to a particular form of representation of art where the painting is wider than its height. Landscape painters are skilled artists who create magic with one stroke of a brush. However it took a long time for landscape painters to get the due recognition for their outstanding work.

History of painting of landscape-

The history of landscape paintings can be traced back to Greek and Roman times. In the 14 th and 16th centuries many Classical art forms were being rediscovered with renewed vigor. Landscape paintings did not get recognition as a separate form of art then but many Renaissance painters used painting of landscape as backdrops to portraits.

By the 17 th century Italy and Netherlands emerged as two major hubs of landscape painting in Europe. Cuyp was one of the noted landscapists during this period.

In the 18 th century France and Britain emerged as new centers of landscape art. 18 th century England could boast of the great landscapist Gainsborough. Painting of landscape got a new dimension with the invention of the art of photography. 19 th century landscapists enjoyed greater freedom and produced great landscapes by generously using their creative and imaginative faculties. Courbet and Boudin were some of the great landscapists of the time. Painting of landscape received great fillip with the emergence of many great landscapists like James Turrell who created environments by skillful use of light and color. Another unique feature in the painting of landscape in the 20 th century was the inclusion of urban landscapes depicting urban realities in an increasingly industrialized world.

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