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Pet Painting

Pet Painting is a unique concept where painters using your favorite photos, create high quality and unique works of art that celebrate, honor and immortalize your beloved pets. A Pet Painting helps you fondly reminisce your pets, as they were in their prime, and the joy of your shared lives together.

George Stubbs- the first documented Pet Painter

George Stubbs, an English painter of the 18 th Century is famous for his horse paintings. These Paintings, which he painted for his patrons, display not just a command of equine anatomy, but also sensitivity to the expressions, movements and character of horses that was not previously seen in British art. However, Stubbs chose not to depict horses in races. He in a way eulogized them, whether they were active or in repose, to the equivalents of classical statues. This is especially noticeable in his 'Horse and Lion' pictures, which are among the most imaginative and sublime British paintings of the late eighteenth century.

Commissioned paintings of Cats

Some fond owners of cats commission artists who specialize in animal paintings, to paint portraits of their beloved pets. Such painters are readily available on the Internet and one has to only send a photograph of ones pet to get the ball rolling.

Dog Paintings

Man's most faithful friends deserve to be remembered long after they are gone, and what better way to remember them than a commissioned dog painting. Pet painters actually take pains to depict the true spirit of your canine companion. The twinkle in their eyes, the adorable, soft snout, everything is recaptured in these paintings.

Pet Paintings are indeed the best way to immortalize your precious pets.

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