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Watercolor Landscapes

Watercolor traditionally is a painting technique using paint manufactured from colorants dissolved in water. Paper, Papyrus, Bark papers, Plastics, Vellum, Leather and Fabric all serve as grounds for watercolor painting.

History of watercolor painting- The art of watercolor painting has a long tradition. Chinese, Japanese India and Ethiopian paintings all used watercolor as the predominant medium. British school of watercolor painting has got landscape as it dominant subject. In Germany also the art of watercolor painting flourished considerably with the emergence of the Hans Bol School of watercolor painting .

Another famous school of landscape painting is the California School of painting which imparted a new look to the traditional watercolor medium. Free brushstrokes, strong rich colors dominated the California school of painting. California's beaches, open landscapes were the favorite subjects of painting for the California School of watercolor painting.

Famous Watercolor landscape painters- Some of the famous watercolor landscape painters are as follows-

  • Alexander Cozens
  • William Gilpin
  • Francis Towne
  • Paul Sandby
  • Thomas Girtin
  • William Blake
  • Richard Parkes Bonnington
  • John Constable
  • JMW Turner

Techniques for Water Color Painting- The techniques for watercolor landscape paintings are as follows-

  • The paint should be thinned before being applied to achieve brightness, sparkle, and freshness in painting.

  • The Wet-in Wet technique can be employed to avoid a hard edge at the margin of the painting.

  • The Dry Brush technique can be employed to obtain a rough textured appearance for the edges.

  • A restricted number of colors should be used in the palette. Other colors can be created by blending two or three colors from a limited set. However, one should not mix more than there colors as this may result in a muddy undesirable mess.

    Creative instincts are the best guide to decide the course of watercolor landscape paintings . The famous water color landscapists have immortalized the art of landscape paintings through their art works by dint of their creative instincts and powerful sense of imagination.

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