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Canvas Painting

Canvas Painting is probably the most popular and most common form of painting. Canvas is the most suitable medium for Oil Painting.

From Van Gogh to Dali, many painters have achieved magic with the medium…


Canvas is a heavy-duty fabric usually made of cotton. It has a simple weave and is ideal as a base of paintings. A gesso coated canvas is stretched across a wooden frame before it is used for paintings. Earlier linen canvas was popular but by the turn of the 19 th centuy cotton canvas gained popularity. However linen is still preffered by professional artists because cooton strtches more than linen.

Most canavases were/are primer coated to make them smoother and easier to paint on.

However most modern painters take advantage of both the canvas texture as well as those of the paint itself. This is stark contrast to the Rennaissance painters who would take great pains not to show the texture.

Oil on Canvas

Most painters will agree that oil on canvas is the best way to paint. Not only is it very user friendly, it' extremely durable too. The colors come out wonderfully well and each brushstroke is visible, and is sometimes accentuated. Modern Painters use the texture of canvas to the best possible effect too.

Some of the best know canvas paintings are as follows

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