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Abstract Painting Tips

Abstract Paintings are those paintings, which do not represent figures in their natural form. It's a non-representational or subjective way of painting. It is supposed to be a spontaneous expression of ones personality. They are a study on brushstrokes and colors rather than object and theme. The strokes and choice of colors are supposed to give us insight into the artist's minds and help us get a drift of his/her experiences.

All these factors make it quite a formidable art form to handle.

Our easy-to-follow follow Abstract Painting Tips will help you approach the complex art of Abstract Painting with more confidence.

  • The first and he most important to is to choose your subject judiciously, try and be as imaginative as possible without being too obscure.

  • Think of a way to approach a subject-will you employ the cubism style or the pseudorealistic style? Its important to zero in on a specific style.

  • If you have decided to dabble with different styles and mix your mediums then make sure that they are compatible-oils don't mix well with watercolors.

  • Try not to digress away from the subject matter, too much.

  • Try not to be consciously abstract, that makes your art somewhat forced.

  • The whole idea behind abstract painting (or for that matter any kind of painting) is self-expression, so use your artistic freedom to create anything you want to.

  • Try and enjoy what you are doing, that's the best advice anyone can ever give you.

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