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Portrait Painting Tips

Portrait Painting is a complex art form. The artistic intent is to show the appearance of the person and capture some charcteristical trait of that very person which makes him or her a distinct human being. Great masters manage to make celebrities out of nameless, unknown people (Da Vinci's Mona Lisa) or bare their soul in their self-portraits (Van Gogh). Good Portraiture is like a well-written biography; it's a journey to a persons soul.

However our easy to follow Portrait Painting Tips will make your Portrait painting experience a pleasant and satisfactory one.

  • Its always advisable to start with the eye, because it's the most easy- to-capture feature of a person's face

  • But one must not concentrate too much in one single feature, one should always keep in mind the face in totality

  • The whites of the eye are never really purely white; one should try to blend in other colors as well to give it a lifelike look.

  • One can use blue to create shadows on faces

  • One can make a general, all-purpose flesh tone color by mixing titanium white, yellow ochre and cadmium red.

  • Squinting one's eye is a good way to discern shapes properly

  • Try and build in a rapport with your subject. This will make it easier to guide him/her.

  • Don't choose a complex pose. The model may tire carrying it through and your portrait might get affected.

  • Use natural light as much as possible, it is the best light for painting.

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