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A Palette is a surface on which a painter mixes colour pigments. A palette may be made of wood, glass,plastic, ceramic tile or any kind of material which will not chemically react with the colors. The most commonly used pallete is that made of wood and it sits snugly on the painter’s arm.

Wood is considered to be the most suitable material for making palettes because not only is it cost effective it is also one of the most inert substances in the world. The fact that wood does not chemically react with any pigments and colors ensures that the pigments retain their original color. Also the surface of wooden palettes is such that they offer just the right friction for the pigments to blend well with the brush.

One should always ensure that the material used for palettes abide by these specifications.

  • They should be inert and not chemically react with pigments
  • They should offer the correct resistance
  • They should be durable
  • They should be water resistant to some extent at least
  • They should not be too heavy
  • The should be preferably unbreakable
  • They should be compact
They should be moderately weather resistant

Painting tools like Palettes are those instruments without which a work of art wouldn’t have been possible. In fact these very seemingly inconsequential and uncelebrated things make beautiful pieces of art what they are

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