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Varnish is an important painting tool without which most oil paintings are incomplete. Varnish is a concoction of drying oil, resin and a thinner or solvent. It gives a glossy effect to the paintings and also makes them more durable.

Varnishes are most commonly applied with wide paint brushes. After being applied, most varnishes harden either by evaporation of the solvent, while some harden by oxidation.

Types of Varnishes

The most common types of varnishes are as follows

  • Violin
  • Natural
  • Synthetic
  • Lacquer

Violin- it is a mixture of walnut oil and linseed oil and is prepared by cooking them together.

Natural- it's a mixture of resin and gum dissolved in some solvent. Its highly waterproof and sun resistant.

Synthetic- this type of varnish uses water as a solvent.

Lacquer- it is a very durable, slow-hardening, varnish obtained from the sap of a varnish tree . It is also one of the most bio-friendly varnishes.

Varnish is indeed one of the most important Painting Tools and is integral for preservation of Paintings.

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