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Angel Paintings

Angel Paintings have been a practice in Christian Paintings since the very inception of the school of art. In the Renaissance period Christian scholars synthesized the concept of angels with biblical ideas of the Cherubim. Renaissance Paintings are replete with magnificent images of angels. In fact modern imagery of angels is derived from these very depictions. Great artists such as Boticelli and Da Vinci have portrayed the angels as beautiful men and women with flowing robes and outspread wings.

Angels or messengers of God

Angels are the higher creations of god. They are the messengers of god and are healers too. They make up the celestial courts. Socrates tells us that eros/angels are those who ferries messages back and forth between man and God. Angels are spirits but not every spirit is an angel. They have to achieve angledom. The office of an angel is achieved through good deeds.

Angel Paintings in the Victorian Period

The Victorian preoccupation with angels is quite evident in the art and literature of that time. Paton, Maclise and Reynolds achieved much recognition because of their wonderful
Angel Paintings. Their magical pictures of Shakespearean characters like Ariel, Titania, Oberon and Puck were much appreciated.

Blake's Angel Painting

In his illuminated books like Songs of Innocence and Experience, William Blake depicted angels most interestingly. His elaborate mythology had a very different take on Angels.

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