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Artist Paintings

Artist Paintings are the paintings of those artists who have touched our hearts and have left an indelible impact. Be it Da Vinci's mysterious Mona Lisa, who has intrigued millions with her enchanting smile (and also because of the controversy about her being a self portrait of the artist in drag) or the melting watches of Dali, we want to discuss those paintings that have redefined the way we perceive ourselves.

Some such Famous Artist Paintings are as follows:

Leonardo Da Vinci's Last Supper

This Leonardo da Vinci painting is a pictorial depiction of Jesus Christ's speech at the last supper. Novelist Dan Brown in his blockbuster novel “ The Da Vinci Code ” committed an error, he claimed that Da Vinci's' masterpiece was a fresco which in fact it wasn't, It was what we call a tempera.

Da Vinci chose to depict the most poignant moment of the last supper; the scene of Jesus announcing that there is a traitor around them. Da Vinci chose to deviate from the norm of depicting the last suppers as a peaceful and benign scene. His "violent" version with the disciples all screaming and yelling, created a lot of controversy. Da Vinci chose to ignore another long established iconographical composition of the Christian Paintings- the arrangement of the disciples around a circular or square table. Da Vinci chose to show a frontal view so that the expression of each of the apostles was clear.

Michelangelo's Mural-The Creation of Adam

Creation of Adam - this fresco on the ceiling of Sistine Chapel was completed in 1511. It depicts the biblical story of God the Father breathing life into Adam, the first man. It is most definitely one of the most recognized pieces of Art and redifined the parameters of Christian Paintings.

The bearded God is powerful and sinewy in this painting. He is surrounded by cherubs and a female figure who is most commonly interpreted as Eve , who is waiting to be conceptualised. God has right arm outsretched to transfer the spark of life to Adam, who has his left hand extended to receive the spark. Famously the two fingers (that of God and of Adam) is separated by a very little distance. Adam is also a very sturdy and muscular figure, which is typical of Michelangelos men, who were strong and sinewy.

Salvador Dali's The Great Masturbator

The center of this Salvador Dali painting has a distorted human face looking downwards. There is also a nude female figure enmeshed in this lump of limbs. The hint of fellatio makes this painting disturbingly sexual.

The painting seems to suggest Dali's conflicting attitude towards sex.

Monet's Impression, Sunrise

This is the Monet painting after which Impressionist Movement was named. Monet depicts the harbor of Le Havre with very loose bush stroke. The aritst seems to suggest his subject rather than delineating it. It was indeed a landmark painting of the 19 th century.

Picasso's The Old Guitarist

This Picasso painting was painted right after the death of a close friend. A perfect example of the Blue period, it is sombre in mood and is overwhelmingly “blue”. I depicts a blind man in tatters,with a guitar in his hands.

Vincent Van Gogh's Wheat Field with Crows

Often believed to be his last piece of work, this Van Gogh painting with its disturbing intensity unsettles its viewers.Art interprators believe that it depicts the artists disturbed state of mind. The dark clouds with black crows create are seen as a sign of foreboding.

Ethnic Paintings is an endeavor to understand these very Artist Paintings and popularize them amongst the net savvy generation, which slowly seems to be forgetting the incredible global art heritage it has had the privilege to inherit.

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